A single metal token - key for the KeyForge card game. Something for those who do not need a full set (or those who want to have a spare one). The key is actually a metal token of 45 mm diameter and 4 mm thickness. Keys have "forged" and "unforged" sides as required by the game and they have six slots representing mystical Æmber crystals.

The keys have been designed in the steaberpunk style (a mixture of the steampunk and cyberpunk styles) with a touch of ancient Egypt. The unforged side shows gears at different levels against a circuit board background. The forged side has the gears locked in their final position. The keys are made of zinc and finished with copper plating and enamels, including a translucent enamel to represent Æmber. They have a nice heavy feeling when held in hand and produce a satisfactory "tock!" when flipped on the table to indicate that the key has just been forged.

There have been only 50 sets of the 1st edition made - plated in satin copper. If there will be any future edition of these keys ever made, it will have a different plating.

Note 1: other KeyForge accessories on the photos are for display purpose only; they are not included here.

Note 2: this is a single token taken out of the set.


Coin Parameters
Diameter 45 mm
Thickness 4 mm
Plating Satin copper
Enameling Soft enamel
Mintage 50 sets

Single yellow KeyForge key

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