About Us

Our main activity is producing geocoins - metal tokens for the geocaching game. We co-operate with a few factories (mints, foundries) worldwide. We are in touch wit a few artists too. We organize the whole production process from the idea, through conceptual artwork, technical blueprint, choice of the appropriate manufacturer, registering the tracking codes at the geocaching.com website, making samples and final products, import, customs clearance and delivering the product to our customer. We make geocoins both according to our own projects and projects by our customers.

We can also produce other tokens, badges, pins, medals and various small metal gadgets.

We can sell our products individually or in bulk quantities. We can also sell the whole production run to someone who ordered it.

Contact data:
Grażyna Hachaj - doradztwo i uslugi
ul. Fieldorfa-Nila 9/57
31-209 Kraków
NIP 7341533480
E-mail: geomur.shop@gmail.com
Bank: ING Bank Śląski
Bank account number:  PL64 1050 1445 1000 0090 7183 8727